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PC200 Series

Discontinued – Please click here for replacement
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Discontinued – Please click here for replacement
Sony PC200/A/AX Series DAT Recorders.

The Sony PC200Ax Series continues in the strong tradition established by its predecessors, with yet more features and benefits added. The Series has been specially developed for use both in the field and as laboratory instruments. Compact and lightweight, the PC200Ax Series delivers the very highest level of performance available today: bandwidth scalable according to the requirements from DC to 20kHz in each of four channels up to 2.5kHz in 64 channels using the double speed mode: longer recording time of up to 6 hours; and capability of interfacing to a wide range of computer platforms for sophisticated data analyses; and more. The product range includes a comprehensive selection of accessories to meet the needs of an ever expanding variety of scientific and industrial applications.

The multiband/channel modes offer a wider variety of combinations of the frequency and a number of channels. Added with the switchable record/playback speed (normal and double) mode, a yet more flexible data gathering is possible.

  • 2/4-channel mode for PC204Ax
  • 2/4/8-channel mode for PC208Ax
  • 2/4/8/16-channel mode for PC216Ax
  • 2/4/8/16/32-channel mode for PC216Ax with channel expansion unit PCCX32Ax

Please review the specifications sheet.

PC200 Series Specifications PC200 Series Specifications

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