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Cable Locator

Tracking of lines & sockets, defects on cables (open), fault location in under-floor heating systems, detection of water pipes, metal heating ducts, etc

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The MW9520 Cable Locator is the ideal tool for maintenance, renovation and improvements.

Key Features

  • Transmitter and receiver with panoramic backlighted LCD
  • Operates on current-carrying (live) or non current-carrying mains circuits
  • Adjustable level for the transmitter (3 levels)
  • Adjustable sensitivity for the receiver
  • Several transmitters can be used with different coding
  • Powerful built-in torch with LED
  • Silent mode
  • Non contact voltage detector function (on the receiver)
  • Voltage measurement (on the transmitter)
  • Easy-to-use
  • Safety: 300V – CAT III


  • Location and tracking of lines and sockets
  • Location of defects on cables (open)
  • Fault location in under-floor heating systems
  • Detection of metal heating ducts
  • Detection of water pipes
  • Location of defects on cables (open)
  • Location of short-circuits on cables
  • Location of fuses or breaker on switching boards
  • Tracking of buried circuits
MW9520 Specifications MW9520 Specifications

MW9520 User Manual MW9520 User Manual

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