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1-channel analog acquisition module for pressure signals with 16-bit resolution.

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1-channel CANopen analogue strain gauge. The sensor module µ can be joined to all common pressure sensors and is designed to acquire an analogue sensor signal. It can be integrated directly in the sensor head (18 mm in diameter). Sensor tolerances can be adjusted with the module already built in. The sensor signal is linearized and monitored directly in the hardware.

Product Features

  • Strain gauge full bridge
  • Voltage +/- 20 mV
  • Supply voltage 4.5 V
  • Accuracy 0.2% (FS)
  • Resolution 16-bit (1 mV / 1 µA)
  • Sampling rate up to 200Hz
  • Supply of the strain gauge full bridge
  • Scaling / sampling rate adjustable
  • Measurement range adjustable
  • Operating temperatures -40 to +85 °C
  • Supply voltage 9 to 36 V DC
  • Protocol CANopen / Raw CAN
I/O per Module 1
Power Supply Voltage 8 - 40VDC, reverse polarity protected
Power Consumption max. 500mW
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Transfer Rate 50KBit/sec to 1MBit/sec
Protocol CANopen CiA-404 / CAN 2.0A and 2.0B / others upon request
Number of PDO's 2 transmit PDOs
Configuration Bit rate and module address via LSS (with auto bitrate detection)
Status Display 1 LED for status information
EMC Complies with EN 50082
Resolutions / Sampling Rate 16-bit / 20ms
12-bit / 2ms
Signal Type / Accuracy
@23°C ambient temp
Accuracy 0.1% fsd, excitation voltage 4.5 V, signal input strain gauge full bridge,
impedance > 300 Ohm, sensitivity (ideally) 3mV/V, temperature compensation possible
Bus Connection Designed for M12 plug-in 5-pin circular connectors (equipped with solder pads, integration of any other connector possible)
Type 18 x 30 mm
µ Specifications µ Specifications

µ User Manual µ User Manual

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