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50,000 Count True RMS Bench Digital Multimeter

50,000 count display resolution, 0.02% basic VDC accuracy, Dual display to indicate 2 measurements simultaneously, AC + DC True RMS

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The BK5491B is a versatile and dependable bench multimeter suitable for applications in education, service and repair, and manufacturing requiring basic and reliable measurements. Additionally, this meter enhances your productivity with built-in math functions and USB connectivity, features not found in other bench meters in this price category. Math operations Rel, Max/Min, dBm, dB, %, and Hold provide educators with a convenient tool to teach basic math concepts.

Product Features

  • 50,000 count display resolution
  • 0.02% basic VDC accuracy
  • Dual display to indicate two measurements simultaneously
  • AC + DC True RMS
  • Up to 25 readings per second measurement rate
  • AC volt and amp measurement over wide frequency range (ACV 100 kHz/ACI 20 kHz)
  • Limit mode for Pass/Fail testing
  • Built-in math functions: Rel, Max/Min, dBm, dB, %, Hold, Compare
  • CATI (1000 V)/CATII (300 V) Protection
  • USB (Virtual Com) and RS232 interface
  • SCPI compatible
BK5491B Specifications BK5491B Specifications

BK5491B User Manual BK5491B User Manual

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