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Discontinued – please click here to view replacement.
Precision thermal imaging cameras, TH9100 Series from AVIO.

Product Features

  • Built-in Special Purpose Filter
    • TH9100WB: For measuring temperature of an object with flames by reducing influence from them.
    • TH9100WBG: For measuring temperature of glass surface.
  • Clear Image
    New reflective/transmissive LCD for use in both bright and low light situations.
  • Same Functions & Operability of TH9100PWV
    • Infrared/visual image fusion
    • LCD/viewfinder automatically switches when opened
    • Easy-to-find shaded point cursor
    • Thumbnail display for simple management of thermal images
    • File operation available during RUN mode
    • Easy-to-use Joystick control
    • Multilingual menu (English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese)
    • Full-auto function
  • Built-in Motor Drive Lens with Visual Camera
    Records thermal & visual images simultaneously and displays their fusion images for easy identification of hotspots.
    **Optional lenses of TH9100 series are not available.
  • Robust Body
    • Dust/splash-proof IP54
    • Shock-proof 294m/sec2 (30G)
    • Vibration-proof 29.4m/sec2 (3G)
    • Protective shield
  • New Functions for Improved Image
    • Multi-focus: For getting a focused image of multiple areas at different distance.
    • Sharpness Filter: For reinforced edges to get better resolution
    • Median Filter: For noise reduction to get better
    • NETD (S/N ratio)
  • Moving Image Recordable – Recording Time:
    • Approx. 27 sec (at 60Hz/sec)
    • Approx. 55 sec (at 30Hz/sec)
    • Approx. 166 sec (at 10Hz/sec)
Model  TH9100WB TH9100WBG
Measuring Range 1 -40 to 120°C -40 to 120°C
Measuring Range 2 0 to 500°C 0 to 500°C
Measuring Range 3

200 to 2000°C
(Off spec at 200 to 400°C)
(Temp uniformity not specified at 1500 to 2000°C)

200 to 2000°C
(Off spec at 200 to 400°C but can be displayed)
(Temp uniformity not specified at 1500 to 2000°C)


0.1°C (at 30°C 60Hz)

0.08°C (at 30°C 60Hz)

Accuracy Range 1 & 2

±2°C or ±2% whichever is greater

±2°C or ±2% whichever is greater

Accuracy Range 3

Within ±32°C
(Average of 10x10 pixels at centre)

Within ±36°C
(Average of 10x10 pixels at centre)

TH9100 Specifications TH9100 Specifications

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