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Discontinued – please click here to view replacement.
Networkable Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras S30 Series from AVIO.

The AVIO (NEC) S30W and S30H Networkable Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras, with 160 x 120 image resolution and a -20 to 350°C / 0 to 600°C temperature range.

These cameras are compact and rugged (IP67), making them ideal for various process monitoring systems.

Product Features

  • Small, Light & Robust
    • Flexible and easier installation / placement even in a limited / restricted room availability
    • IP67 rated protective casing makes it possible to be used in harsh environment
  • Image and Measurement
    • 160 x 120 pixel image sensor allows high-resolution thermal image measurement. Visible light camera incorporated. Each single picture (still image) can be embedded with visible image (selectable). Either IR or visible image can be viewed via analogue video output.
    • Measuring Temperature Range is to be chosen from either -20°C to +350°C (S30W) or 0°C to +600°C (S30H)
  • Network-Configured and Controlled
    • Ethernet Interface incorporated for remote operation and flexible system building
  • Alarm Output
    • When adequately programmed, the camera can operate for monitoring to output alarm signal on its own (disconnected from network), too.
  • Software and Tools
    • Remote Control Software as a standard accessory to configure, program and operate over the network
    • Thermal image viewer, analysis and report generator software (for captured images) comes with (NS9500LT)
    • Software Development Kit (SDK) available.
Infrared Detector Uncooled Focal Plane Array (microbolometer)
Spectral Range 8 to 14µm
Measuring Range -20 to 350°C (S30W)
0 to 600°C (S30H)
Sensitivity (NETD) 0.2°C at 30°C (S30W)
0.5°C at 30°C (S30H)
Accuracy ±2°C or ±2%
Frame Rate 8.5Hz
Detector Pixels 160(H) x 120(V) pixels
Field of View (FOV) 28°(H) x 21°(V)
Spatial Resolution 3.1mrad
Focal Distance 50cm to infinity
Visual Camera 1.3MP CMOS Sensor (1280 x 1024)
Focal Distance: 50cm to infinity, Focus Free
Auto Exposure
Colour Pallet Rainbow, IRIS, Brightness, Hot White
Gradation 256 tones
Measuring Functions Point Temperature: 1 centre, 4 Movable Point
Temperature Display in Assigned Region: MAX, MIN and AVG in box (for up to 1 box)
Alarm Function: Alarm Display, Colour Alarm (ISO)
Alarm Output: Provided
Temperature Correction Function: Emissivity, Environment/Background, Distance, NUC
Storage Device N/A
Data Storage Still Image: SIX file with temperature data (14bits)
Movie: SVX file (exclusive)
Visual Image simultaneously recorded
Interfaces Ethernet: Still Image (TCP/IP), Movie (UDP RJ-45 Connector)
Video Output: NTSC or PAL
Alarm Output: Provided, Contact closure (No Voltage), dedicated 8 pin round Tajimi R04-R8M
Environment Operating temperature/humidity: 0°C to 50°C, 90% RH
Dust/splash Proof: IP67
AC Power DC11 to 13V
Dimensions Approx. 74.5mm(H) x 109mm(W) x 51mm(D) Exc. projections
Weight Approx. 500g
S30 Series Specifications S30 Series Specifications

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