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R500EX Series

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Discontinued – please click here to view replacement.
R500EX series high-resolution thermal camera from AVIO.

R500EX series high-resolution thermal camera from AVIO boasts a 1.2MP SR Thermal Image (1280 x 960 pixels), with a 5MP Visual image and a temperature resolution of 0.025°C and ±1°C accuracy.

2 models are available depending on your application. The AVIO R500EX-Pro series with a temperature range of -40 to +2000°C makes this model ideal for R&D, whilst the R500EX series, with a temperature range of -40 to +500°C is ideal for electrical inspection applications.

Product Features

  • Measures temperatures up to +2000°C
  • 0.025°C resolution (with S/N improvement at 30°C)
  • Wide field of view of 32° x 24° field of view
  • Visual and IR image capture, with split-screen, picture-in-Picture or alpha blending modes
  • Multi-angle Tilting LCD display for easy one handed operation
Infrared Detector Uncooled Focal Plane Array (microbolometer)
Spectral Range 8 to 14µm
Measuring Range -40 to 2000°C (R500EX-Pro / R500EX-Pro-D)
-40 to 500°C (R500EX / R500EX-D)
Sensitivity (NETD) 0.025°C at 30°C (with S/N improvement)
Accuracy ±1°C *1
Frame Rate 60Hz (R500EX-Pro / R500EX)
7.5Hz (R500EX-Pro-D / R500EX-D)
Detector Pixels Standard mode: 640(H) x 480(V) pixels
Super Resolution (SR) Mode: 1280(H) x 960(W) pixels *2
Field of View (FOV) 32°(H) x 24°(V) with standard lens
Spatial Resolution Standard: 0.87mrad
Super Resolution Mode: 0.58mrad equivalent *3
Focal Distance 10cm to infinity with standard lens *4
Focus Auto / Manual
Auto Functions Auto-scale, Auto-focus, Full-auto
Colour Pallet 7 pallets - Rainbow, Brightness, Hot White, Hot Black
Gradation 256/32/16/8
Visual Camera 5.0MP CMOS Camera
Fusion (Transparency Changeable)
Picture-in-Picture (Transparency Changeable)
Display Functions 1 to 8 times continuous zoom
Grid Overlay
Display 9 images (replay mode)
Image Quality Improvement De-noising, Averaging (with ghost rejection), Edge enhancement
Measuring Functions Point Temperature: 10 Movable Point
Temperature Search: MAX/MIN x1 each
Delta Temperature: Provided
Temperature Display in Assigned Region: MAX, MIN and AVG in Box (for up to 5 boxes) (Not available R500 / R500-D)
Alarm Function: Alarm Sound, Alarm Display, Colour Alarm (ISO), Alarm Recording
Alarm Signal Output: Provided
Temperature Correction Function: Emissivity, Environment/Background, Distance
Emissivity: Multi-point Correction, Emissivity table
Emissivity Reverse Calculation (Not available R500EX / R500EX-D)
Drift Stabilizer: Provided (Not available R500EX / R500EX-D)
Storage Device SD Card, SDHC Compatible
Data Storage Still Image: JPEG with temperature data (14bit), Recorded with visible image
Movie: (only for R500EX-Pro/R500EX-Pro-D): SVX file (AVIO original file)
Super Resolution (SR) Mode
Quick Panorama: Equivalent to 100°(H) x 75°(V)
SD Movie Recording: Max 3Hz.
Interval Recording: 3sec to 60min interval, with visible image recorded
External Trigger Recording: Provided
Voice Annotation: 30sec Recording / Replay per thermal image
Text Annotation: up to 128 characters per thermal image
Interfaces USB2.0 for storage / image transfer (Thermal image with visible image Max transfer speed is 30Hz) *5
Automatic recording function by external trigger input (Not available R500EX / R500EX-D)
Video Output: NTSC or PAL switchable
Alarm Output: Contact closure (no voltage) (Not available R500EX / R500EX-D)
External Trigger Input: Pulse Signal (Not available R500EX / R500EX-D)
Display 3.5" LCD Monitor, with Tilt and Brightness adjustment available
Colour View Finder with tilt mechanism
Auxiliary Laser Pointer: Provided (Class 2 red, conforms to PSC regulation)
LED Light: Provided
Remote Controller
Environment Operating temperature/humidity: -15°C to 50°C, 90% RH
Vibration/shock: 29.4m/sec²(3G), 294m/sec²(30G)
EMC: Conforms to CE (Class A)
Dust/splash Proof: IP54
Battery Operation 2.5 hours (typical), Rechargeable Li-ion battery; 7.5 hours with optional portable power (TVB-C501) *6
AC Power AC Adapter (100V to 220VAC 50/60Hz)
Dimensions Approx. 121mm(H) x 105mm(W) x 195mm(D) Exc. projections
Weight Approx. 1.3Kg (Inc. batteries)

*1 Only Range 1 at environmental temperature 20 - 30°C. In other ranges ±2° or ±2%
*2 Still Image Only
*3 This increased resolution results from detecting characteristic points within all frames acquired by the SR process and removing such effects as those caused by hand vibrations
*4 For defined Temperature Accuracy supported: 30cm to infinity
*5 To transfer thermal image movie from R500, optional software upgrade is required to NS9500 Professional
*6 2 extra batteries (optional) are required for 7.5 operational hours

R500EX Specifications R500EX Specifications

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